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The Gay Society – a series of posts

Sociology is the science of society, concerned with understanding human behavior (Kirby, 2000). Though the study of society is largely divided into external forces, which affect behavior, there is also a serious need for constant academic introspection. Since outside forces, such as religion, media and family are extreme in their effect on society; the singular person living within their social group must be viewed as a part of the whole, not the whole. This is the result of academic honesty. Sociology focuses on many different factors. One basic function is the myriad of interactions one has throughout life. These points of contact are maintained and guided by established rules. The natural interface processes deemed as acceptable help to maintain the patchwork of diversity that exists in society. Conflict happens when the rules are bent or broken to the will of those thought to be outside the norms of society. These posts will focus on the social factors that help affect and define the Homosexual community. Another facet will be the differences that create a gay sub culture outside the norms but still within the greater society. The four points of this particular blog series will focus on:
1. Social Reasoning
2. Social Requirement
3. Social Response
4. Social Reconstruction

Kirby, M., (2000). Sociology in Perspective. Oxford Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press


Hello world!

This is my blog.  I am hoping to express my thoughts on life, love and other factors of our existence.  Some posts will be pretty technical and philosophical.  Others will be more current issue motivated.  And of course….some will contain just my rants and raves.  I hope you enjoy what I have to say and please subscribe!!!